The vacation rental
travel insurance experts

Providing coverage exclusively to the vacation rental industry in coastal, lake, ski and mountain destinations, Red Sky has greater knowledge and experience than any other provider in the business. We offer unmatched expertise to help meet both the needs of guests and the business goals of vacation rental managers through our comprehensive travel insurance products, Sun Trip Preserver, Ski Trip Preserver, Ski Pass Preserver, Security Deposit Waiver and Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver.

We’re hurricane-tested. Founded in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, our years of experience helping vacation rental managers weather the storm of unanticipated disruptions to their guests’ vacations make Red Sky a tried and true partner. Thorough planning and quick response are in our nature, and it’s no coincidence that we provide the best hurricane protection in the nation. When you need us most, we resolve claims swiftly and with ease.

We’re small, but mighty. With Red Sky, you’ll experience the best of both worlds – the personal attention of a core team of professionals to address your needs and the financial strength of our powerful underwriter standing behind us.

We are licensed throughout the United States, Canada, District of Columbia, North America.