Maintenance & Exchange
Fee Preserver for Timeshares

Provide your timeshare owners more flexibility with Red Sky’s Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver. Now timeshare developers can offer limited fee reimbursement to vacation owners in the event of cancellation, interruption or exchange. This plan is available for owners who have purchased a timeshare week(s) from a developer or timeshare club.

Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver provisions include:

• Cancellation – Should the timeshare owner have to cancel their week(s) for a covered reason, we will provide reimbursement for the Maintenance Fee (typically around $500).
• Interruption – Once the owner is at their timeshare and experiences interruption for a covered reason, we will provide reimbursement for a pro-rated portion of that Maintenance Fee.
• Exchange – If the owner wants to exchange a scheduled week for another week, reimbursement will be provided for the Exchange Fee (typically $150-250). Reimbursement is not provided for the Maintenance Fee for that same week.
• Travel Delay, Medical Expense and more.

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Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver Policy Details
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Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver

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