Frequently Asked Questions

When are claims paid?
Insured guest’s trip cancellation/interruption claims are paid at the time of cancellation/interruption rather than at the time of the vacation reservation date. A guest cancelling their August vacation in February is paid at the time of cancellation; in February. There is no delay for guests seeking reimbursement.
How will working with Red Sky be better than the company I use now?

Red Sky excels by delivering “high touch” personal service to VRM’s staff and valued guests. Our sales team works diligently to build strong, personal relationships with you and your staff and we request that you contact us using our personal cell phones or email whenever there is a question or need for assistance.

Red Sky only insures guests of professionally managed vacation rentals and it’s the only language we know. Red Sky doesn’t provide travel insurance for customers of cruise ships, airlines, or VRBOs. Our claims personnel are trained to only serve your guests. We are vacation rental specialists with more than 30 years of vacation rental management experience on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

What specific situations are covered by Trip Preserver?
In addition to protecting all vacationing guests with Medical, Baggage , and Travel Accident Protection while they enjoy their vacation, Trip Preserver reimburses guest’s vacation investment when their vacation is interrupted or cancelled due to covered unforeseen events like sickness, accidental injury or death, jury duty, natural disaster, traffic accident, military leave revocation, job loss, road closure, mandatory evacuation, hurricane damage resulting in the uninhabitability of the vacation accommodation, loss or stolen ski pass, and a lack of snow fall or adverse weather in a winter sports resort. Covered events are described in the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy.
Will my company earn commissions on sales of Trip Preserver?
Yes, VRMs retain a percentage of every premium dollar as their commission and this valuable revenue stream accrues without any additional operational effort.
What does Red Sky provide to help me sell Trip Preserver?
The two most valuable tools to promote the sale of Trip Preserver are training and service. Red Sky’s intimate knowledge of the vacation rental business provides the very best training available for staff. Product knowledge and confidence in our “high touch” personal service have made it possible for many VRMs to improve their travel insurance sales by more than 50%. In addition to training and service we provide sales advertisements, competitive team incentives, website reviews and enhancements, scripts, quick reference guides, etc.
How does Red Sky handle my guest’s claims – does my staff have to be involved?

Your guest may print out the required claims documentation from our website, or they can call our claims department and we will mail the documentation to them. Upon our receipt of their completed Claim Form and supporting documentation we forward your designated contact person a Property Manager Information Request Form to verify the guest’s information. In 7 – 10 days after our receipt of the one page Information Request Form our review of the claim is complete and a check is processed for your guest’s claim payment.