We keep vacation dreams alive.

Vacation plans are more than just routine travel plans. In many cases, renting a vacation home is the culmination of hopes, dreams and savings that are months or years in the making. With unforeseen travel problems like trip delays, travel illness, unpredictable weather or lost baggage occurring more frequently than ever before, there’s a lot at stake. Having the right coverage can save the day for everyone involved: the homeowners, vacation rental management company, and vacationing guests.

Through a range of comprehensive travel insurance options, Red Sky provides the reassurance vacation rental managers, their guests, and the homeowners need to plan with confidence. If the unexpected happens, our solutions help guests recover their investment quickly.

Red Sky’s portfolio of products includes:
Sun Trip Preserver – comprehensive travel insurance for Sun destinations
Ski Trip Preserver – comprehensive travel insurance for Ski destinations
Ski Pass Preserver – comprehensive travel insurance for Ski passes
Security Deposit Waiver – the hassle-free liability solution
Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver – the timeshare solution