Security Deposit Waiver

Your days of handling security deposit questions and hassles are over. Red Sky’s Security Deposit Waiver provides coverage in case of accidental damage to rental property, making deposit disputes a thing of the past. When damage or theft occurs, Red Sky will provide reimbursement towards the cost of repair or replacement of real or personal property, without requiring a security deposit from your guests.

Include Security Deposit Waiver with your guest bookings to:

• Eliminate the need for security deposit concerns like deadlines, collection and return.
• Put an end to time-consuming disputes over security deposits.
• Make check-in and check-out easier for you and your guests.

Benefit Levels:

• $1,500 benefit level
• $3,000 benefit level
• $5,000 benefit level
• Customized benefit levels available. Call one of our specialists today to create your own program level.

Call us at 866.549.5283 for complete policy details.