• Comprehensive travel insurance
    exclusively for vacation rentals, with the
    nation’s best hurricane coverage.

    With Red Sky, there’s always more fun in the sun. Sun Trip Preserver covers your guests in a variety of unforeseen circumstances, from sickness or family emergency to hurricane, flooding and mandatory evacuation. Learn more about Sun Trip Preserver.

    Sun Trip Preserver
  • Complete coverage for ski destination
    vacation rentals, with the industry’s
    only snow provision.

    Red Sky provides mountain destination coverage unlike any other. Ski Trip Preserver combines comprehensive travel insurance with ski-specific benefits, with provisions in case of lack of snowfall or even avalanche. Learn more about Ski Trip Preserver.

    Ski Trip Preserver
  • Vacation rental travel insurance
    is what we know best.

    As any vacation rental manager can attest, meeting the complex needs of guests and owners takes focus and dedication. Because we concentrate exclusively on the vacation rental industry, Red Sky offers the most knowledge and experience of any provider.
    Meet the Red Sky team.